Do you ever need to discuss texts with a colleague? If you’re sitting together in the same room it’s relatively easy. You can go through the document together, pointing out on the screen or on paper where you have questions or suggestions. But what if  you need to ring a colleague to query parts of the translation of a brochure? Or how about if  you’re taking part in a conference call to discuss the wording of a contract?

These situations can be stressful. To prevent them ending in complete chaos, you need to be able to explain exactly which part of the text you’re talking about and what needs to be altered.

I’ve created a handy cheat sheet with vocabulary to help you do just that:

On the same page

Some of  it may seem obvious now, but perhaps you tend to forget the obvious in the heat of the moment. 😉 If so, I suggest downloading the list and keeping it somewhere handy.


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Nicola Bartlett
I’ve been an English trainer for over 25 years, helping adults to get their message across in English – clearly and appropriately. Successful communication in English requires more than just a good knowledge of the language. An understanding of different mentalities and a feeling for the best approach are vital, too. » more