7 May

Don’t call it a beamer!

The German word Beamer may sound pretty English, but in fact it’s a classic false friend (a word which looks or sounds the same in both languages, but actually has completely different meanings). The English word for Beamer is projector. The word Beemer (with double e) is used to talk about a BMW. False friends […]

1 November

Expressions explained | to be barking up the wrong tree

He thought the boss was annoyed because he hadn’t finished the project yet, but he was barking up the wrong tree. She thinks I can get her the job, but I’m afraid she’s barking up the wrong tree. You’re barking up the wrong tree if you think putting the customer under pressure will achieve anything. To be barking up […]

4 September

Expressions explained | To give someone the sack.

To give someone the sack, also: to sack someone; to get the sack If she comes late again we’ll have to give her the sack. They sacked him for hitting a colleague. John got the sack from his last job. To give someone the sack or to sack someone means to fire or dismiss them. […]