3 October

Asking questions to make sure you’ve understood

Imagine you’re listening to a colleague in a meeting. Gradually you realize that she’s beginning to lose you. You don’t understand exactly what she means, perhaps because you’re struggling with the vocabulary. Or you may have the impression that other members of the group are confused by a word she uses. Or maybe you feel that […]

2 June

Getting things done – on time

When agreeing deadlines, absolute clarity is essential: at the end of the meeting everyone needs to know exactly what they need to do by when. Arriving at deadlines which are acceptable for the individual team members often entails a process of negotiation. And that’s where this post comes in. It looks at some of the […]

8 May

Is everyone on the same page?

Posted in staying on track

Do you ever need to discuss texts with a colleague? If you’re sitting together in the same room it’s relatively easy. You can go through the document together, pointing out on the screen or on paper where you have questions or suggestions. But what if  you need to ring a colleague to query parts of the translation of […]