13 November

The Igel has landed

The Igel has landed

  Picture the following situation: Maria walks up to the coffee machine where her colleague Gabi is standing with the new Italian Sales Manager, Stefano. Gabi makes the introductions. And Maria says “Yes, we met on the floor yesterday.” Stefano looks confused and a bit embarrassed. Gabi grins and says “I think you mean you […]

31 August

What your English boss or colleague is really thinking

When it comes to expressing criticism, the English don’t exactly have a reputation for telling it like it is. 😉  A pretty indirect style of communication with lots of downgraders (a little, slightly, sort of) and understatement helps to soften the blow … and can obscure the message completely. Here’s a light-hearted look at what you might […]

7 May

Don’t call it a beamer!

The German word Beamer may sound pretty English, but in fact it’s a classic false friend (a word which looks or sounds the same in both languages, but actually has completely different meanings). The English word for Beamer is projector. The word Beemer (with double e) is used to talk about a BMW. False friends […]