7 November

Christmas time is (almost) here

Whether you are someone who enjoys writing Christmas cards or someone who sees it as a chore, the fact remains that it can be a great opportunity to connect with business partners around the world. With just a short personal message you can thank customers and clients for their business, show employees that their hard work is […]

18 August

Clearer emails. Part II: Writing times

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In Part I we looked at how to write dates clearly, this post follows on from that and deals with the correct formats for times. The 24-hour clock The first point to mention is that the 24-hour clock is much less common in English than in German, for example. It’s basically only used in timetables, in some computer […]

29 June

Clearer emails. Part I: Writing dates

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Something people in my lessons are often unsure about is how to write dates and times. This short article aims to provide a few simple rules for writing dates clearly and correctly. Off we go … In British English the format is *day month year*: 10 June 2015. There’s no need to write the th (10th […]