9 January

Eliminate these seven errors for better English emails

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Eliminate these seven errors for better English emails

  Over the years I’ve noticed that there are some mistakes which crop up time and time again in emails. Although these errors don’t usually prevent the recipient from understanding what is meant, they do prevent the sender from making a really good impression. So why not eliminate them?   Can you spot the mistakes? I’ve […]

7 November

Christmas time is (almost) here

Whether you are someone who enjoys writing Christmas cards or someone who sees it as a chore, the fact remains that it can be a great opportunity to connect with business partners around the world. With just a short personal message you can thank customers and clients for their business, show employees that their hard work is […]

18 August

Clearer emails. Part II: Writing times

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In Part I we looked at how to write dates clearly, this post follows on from that and deals with the correct formats for times. The 24-hour clock The first point to mention is that the 24-hour clock is much less common in English than in German, for example. It’s basically only used in timetables, in some computer […]