8 May

Is everyone on the same page?

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Do you ever need to discuss texts with a colleague? If you’re sitting together in the same room it’s relatively easy. You can go through the document together, pointing out on the screen or on paper where you have questions or suggestions. But what if  you need to ring a colleague to query parts of the translation of […]

11 April

Disagreeing politely and constructively

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Recently I was talking to Mark, a friend of a friend from England, and we got onto one of my favourite topics: the  differences between the English and the Germans. 🙂 One thing he said was “Germans really like to argue, don’t they?” He went on to describe a meeting he’d attended where two German […]

18 August

Clearer emails. Part II: Writing times

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In Part I we looked at how to write dates clearly, this post follows on from that and deals with the correct formats for times. The 24-hour clock The first point to mention is that the 24-hour clock is much less common in English than in German, for example. It’s basically only used in timetables, in some computer […]