3 October

What you can do to become a better listener

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When people come to me for English training it’s almost always because they want to speak English more fluently. Usually they say something like “I understand most of what people say, the problem is answering.” They want to increase their vocabulary, be able to find the right words faster and gain confidence in speaking the […]

13 June

Five types who derail meetings – and what to say to them

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Are meetings always a waste of time? Of course not. And definitely not if you deal with disruptions and unhelpful behaviour calmly, firmly and constructively early on. In the following I look at five types whose behaviour can prevent a meeting being successful. Then I suggest what you can say to deal with them and […]

9 May

3 key steps for exchanging information over the phone

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When I first came to Germany I worked in an office organizing exchanges between my home town Derby and the city of Osnabrück – a great job, but pretty challenging. Especially when it came to answering the phone (this was long before the email, so a lot of enquiries came by phone). People spoke so […]