10 October

Three ways to handle intrusive questions

Three ways to handle intrusive questions

  I expect we’ve all been there: you’re chatting to a colleague at lunch or a fellow participant at a conference when suddenly they come out with a question that you find much too personal. Perhaps How much do you earn? or When are you going to start a family? or Why aren’t you drinking tonight? Your first […]

7 November

Christmas time is (almost) here

Whether you are someone who enjoys writing Christmas cards or someone who sees it as a chore, the fact remains that it can be a great opportunity to connect with business partners around the world. With just a short personal message you can thank customers and clients for their business, show employees that their hard work is […]

8 March

Introducing yourself in a meeting

Let’s just go round the table and introduce ourselves. Do those words set your heart racing and bring you out in a cold sweat? It’s hardly surprising. You may have already spoken to one or two members of the group before the meeting, but this is the first time you address the whole group. Naturally […]