15 February

By or until? Getting to the bottom of a common mistake

How would you translate the following German sentence into English? Ich brauche den Bericht bis Ende des Monats. Did you come up with I need the report until the end of the month? I’d be surprised if you were the only one, but it should in fact be I need the report by the end of the month. So […]

17 November

A question for the experts

Here’s  a nice grammar question for you: Which of the following sentences is/are correct? a)    I recommend starting the project next month. b)    I recommend to start the project next month. c)    I recommend that we start the project next month. The answer is at the bottom of the page. If you got it right, you can give yourself […]

14 October

Emails: Getting the beginning right

Ok, this might seem like a very small point, but it’s one which I think makes a world of difference when it comes to creating a positive impression if you’re writing to someone. Think big The main body of English emails or letters always begins with a capital letter. Yes, really. Yes, always. So it’s: Dear […]