31 August

What your English boss or colleague is really thinking

When it comes to expressing criticism, the English don’t exactly have a reputation for telling it like it is. 😉  A pretty indirect style of communication with lots of downgraders (a little, slightly, sort of) and understatement helps to soften the blow … and can obscure the message completely. Here’s a light-hearted look at what you might […]

3 April

What it can sound like when the English disagree

You must be joking! Rubbish! Nonsense! Oh, come off it! After you’ve given an opinion, you may hear any one of those from an English friend or a colleague you know well. And, of course, the message is completely clear: your friend or colleague disagrees with you. Now imagine that you express your opinion or make […]

11 September

Recommended reading: The Culture Map

Are you puzzled why a presentation which went really well in Berlin, flopped in New York? Or are you unsure what the new international project group expects from you as the leader? When you have questions like these it’s good to know what is expected in different countries and how things are done. Being able […]